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Allgäu workshop fitter wins this year’s INDUSTRIEPREIS 2017 award in the category “Automotive” for its innovative and Internet-capable two-post lift family MAPOWER II (IoT).


Haldenwang, 8 May 2017. This year again, an independent, top-class jury, consisting of industry experts, professors and specialized journalists reached an objective decision on the best industrial products of the year. Winner in the “Automotive” category was MAHA’s Internet-capable MAPOWER II (IoT) two-post lift family, which was evaluated by the experts as a highly advanced industrial product with extreme economic, social, technological and environmental benefits.

And quite rightly so!  The nine two-post lift models in five different load capacity classes and two possible drive technologies feature a range of technologically advanced functions and are equipped with IoT (Internet of Things), among other things. This innovative technology offers customers substantial advantages as it is possible to drastically reduce the downtime in a workshop. A lift workplace, which cannot be used, comes with very high losses in revenue per day for the workshops.  In order to prevent this, the MAPOWER II lifts transmit various information automatically to a cloud service via an Internet connection, such as the wear and/or a looming defect. Customer service is informed automatically at the same time, and also acute malfunction events are promptly reported. However, and this is new, the user can place a service call straight from the control unit of the lift – so far this is unique in the workshop sector!

“The key advantage of the workshop is ultimately the fact that by means of these new services, the reason for the failure and also the repair measures, including spare parts, are known well before the technician from our customer service arrives,” says Markus Weber, MAHA Business Development & Marketing.  “Thus, unnecessary multiple visits, which unfortunately happen sometimes, are history with the MAPOWER II (IoT) – and besides the economic advantage, our product delivers an environmentally valuable contribution at the same time.”