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Rollen-Abgasprüfstand ASM BF Allrad 3D


EMIDYNO | Roller Set for Emission Test

VP 230044


  • Transient emission testing for accurate analysis and measurement of emissions for vehicles under load (in conjunction with MAHA emission testers)
  • Driving resistance simulation for ASM-5015 and ASM-2525 emission tests (Acceleration Simulation Mode) in line with the BAR '97 specifications
Roller Set Description and Standard Delivery
  • Communication Desk MCD 2000
  • Separate panel for control of roller set adjustment
  • Self-supporting closed roller set frame
  • 2 pcs Roller set Model ASM-BF/1
  • In-ground configuration, flush-floor installation of complete 4WD roller set, foundation necessary
  • Pneumatic lifting bar
  • Electric eddy-current brake with integrated flywheel
  • AC-Motor including control and power electronics
  • Foundation cover plate (traversable up to 13 t)
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating:
    • gentian blue, RAL 5010 (frame)
    • ruby red , RAL 3003 (rollers)
Operating modes of the tester in conjunction with emissions analyser or external PC:
  • Driving resistance simulation for ASM-5015 and ASM-2525 emission tests (Acceleration Simulation Mode) in line with the BAR '97 specifications
  • Driving resistance simulation for transient emissions testing in line with standard test cycles (note: vehicle inertia simulation in deceleration mode limited to 2000 lbs (900 kg)
  • Determination and compensation of equipment's own losses ('Parasitic losses') according to BAR'97 specifications. Acceleration of the roller set with built-in AC-Motor to approx. 50 km/h with subsequent performance of roll-off tests ('coast-down')
  • Performance measurement (wheel power) possible in the operation modes:
    • constant speed
    • constant tractive force
  • Control of the tester via serial interface RS-232 (e.g. emissions analyser which meets "BAR '97" specifications or an external PC)
Roller Set Adjusting Device:
  • Hydraulic roller set adjustment with cover and sliding plates


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Technical data
Axle load 2700 kg
Track width 740 mm - 2440 mm
Rotating mass per roller set 900 kg
Roller length 850 mm
Min. testable wheel diameter 330 mm
Roller diameter 217 mm
Roller axle distance 444 mm
Test speed max. 160 km/h
Wheel power max. 50 kW
Tractive force max. 3000 N
Wheelbase min. 2200 mm
Wheelbase max. 3500 mm
Adjustment track 1300 mm
Fuse gG 20 A
Power supply 1/PE/N 230 V 50 Hz
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H) 5660 mm x 3450 mm x 800 mm
Dimensions packaging (L x W x H) 3600 mm x 850 mm x 1000 mm
Compressed air, lifting bar 6 bar - 10 bar
Weight 820 kg
Weight incl. packaging 920 kg
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