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Scheitelrollen-Funktions- und Scheitelrollen-Leistungsprüfstand MSR 400 Bodeneben

MSR 400

POWERDYNO | Single Roller Dynamometer for Motorcycles

VP 630012


  • Test speeds of up to 320 km/h
  • Tyre rolling action as it would be on the road
  • Tyres are preserved as a result of limited flexing action
High level of flexibility in use due to extensive variety of operating modes, covering all fields of application:
  • Static power measurement at constant RPM
  • Static power measurement at constant speed
  • Static power measurement at constant tractive force
  • Dynamic power measurement with adjustable acceleration
  • MAHA towing power measurement guarantees the highest degree of accuracy when measuring power:
    Precision calculation of the parasitic losses of the dynamometer, of the vehicle's drive train and the tyre to roller friction and flex losses
  • Tachometer testing with up to ten freely selectable test points
  • Distance measurement included
  • Stopwatch function for measurement of acceleration between optional speed markers as standard
  • Optional load simulation with freely programmable load profile
  • Optional driving simulation with freely programmable speed profile
  • Option of storing programmed profiles in database
Professional, intuitive-use software for the highest expert standards with:
  • continuous graphic display and recording of up to 16 freely selectable parameters per performance measurement cycle on one measurement screen.
  • In addition to the current performance measurement cycle, fade-in of up to three stored cycles on the measurement screen for optimum comparability during calibration work
  • Two circular dial displays for RPM and speed as well as current oil temperature display, ensuring constant control of key parameters during performance measurement
  • Determination of wheel power, power dissipation, engine power and torque
  • Standardised extrapolation of motor power in line with DIN 70020, EEC 80/1269, ISO 1585, JIS D 1001 and SAE J 1349 (configuration-dependent)
  • Circular dial display of motor power, RPM, speed and tractive force during simulation cycles
  • Colour-highlighted user prompts integrated within the circular dial facilitate the accurate reproduction of simulation cycles
  • With radio remote control as standard for complete control of the dynamometer from within the vehicle.
  • Radio remote control with long-life battery and charging station
  • Cooling fan switched on and off either at the control console or with the radio remote control
  • Interface box optionally upgradeable with MAHA plug-in analogue input module card with 4 sensor inputs for temperature and pressure sensors or lambda sensors.
  • Optional connection of MAHA MGT 5, MDO 2 LON and MET SERIES emission testers
  • Optional connection of Krupp/AIC fuel consumption measuring instruments for petrol- and diesel engines
MCD 2000 Communication Desk
  • Robust and multifunctional metal encasement
  • Integrated switch cabinet for housing electronic components
  • Lockable drawer for keypad and PC mouse and storage compartment for small items of equipment
  • VESA standard bracket for holding the all-in-one PC or PC monitor
  • Can be extended with optional PC storage compartment or side shelves
  • Varnished with high-quality powder coating:
    • window grey, RAL 7040 (switch cabinet)
    • anthracite grey, RAL 7016, (side faces)

Standard Delivery:

MCD 2000
  • MCD 2000 Communication Desk
  • Radio remote control for dynamometer operation with battery and charging station
  • Cooling fan control
  • Measuring program
Roller Set
  • Self-supporting closed inertia roller set
  • Coating: powder coating, gentian blue, RAL 5010


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Technical datasheet MSR 400 DE | EN | ES | FR
Technical data
Axle load 1000 kg
Measurement principle Schwungmassenprüfstand
Compressed air max. 7 bar
Rotating mass per roller set 150 kg
Roller diameter 400 mm
Test speed max. 320 km/h
Wheel power (dynamic) peak > 350 kW
Tractive force max. 6500 N
Measurement accuracy wheel power measurement (from measured value) +/- 2 %
Fuse gG 16 A
Power supply 3/N/PE 400 V 50 Hz
Dimesions communication desk (H x W x D) 860 mm x 1500 mm x 420 mm
Dimensions roller set (L x W x H) 546 mm x 770 mm x 456 mm
Weight roller set 270 kg
Communication desk weight incl. packaging 150 kg
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