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Scheinwerfer-Einstellgerät MLP 2000 1

MLP 2000

Nivellierte Rampe | Levelling Plates for the Vehicle Support Surface

VP 241003


  • Modular design (expandable for additional vehicle lengths)
  • Adjustable installation height of 60-90 mm (flush floor)
  • Compensation possible via 5-step adjustment module
  • Surface mounted or flush floor version available (optional ramps for surface mounted version)
  • Safe operation ensured by antiskid coating

Standard Delivery:

4 pieces, Galvanized Version



Technical datasheet MLP 2000 DE | EN
Technical data
Axle load 2000 kg
Overall length, flush floor 4000 mm
Overall length, surface mounted (with ramps) ca. 4796 mm
Single plate (H x W x D)# 60 mm x 600 mm x 2000 mm
Height adjustment 0 mm - 30 mm
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