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In order to be successful on the market, MAHA must be able to fulfil many requirements from a diverse range of sources. The main focus here is what the customer needs from our products and services. MAHA consistently concentrates on fulfilling these customer requirements.

There are also multiple other parameters that must be fulfilled to safeguard the long-term success of our company – compliance with legal regulations to name but one. None of these parameters can be fulfilled effectively and practically unless the requirements are recognised in good time, incorporated into our company processes and implemented correctly. To do this, we use our integrated management system (IMS).

The management systems contained in the IMS are specified in industrial standards that each deal with a particular requirement area – for example with quality (ISO 9001) or environmental protection (ISO 14001). These standards are based on the experience of leading group companies and business committees. They lay down principles describing the best ways to recognise and implement the requirements. Rather than functioning as a legislative
straitjacket, they represent practice-based guidelines for efficiently planning and realising processes that will satisfy all requirements. Applying the standards effectively maximises fulfilment of the relevant requirements and makes all areas of the organisation more transparent and productive.

Management System - ISO 9001

Quality management represents our ability to offer products and services on the market that comply with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements and with the needs of our customers.

Quality management for a secure future
For over 45 years, we have offered our customers premium products that meet their requirements and expectations to the greatest possible degree. To maintain our strong and stable market position as a premium supplier in an ever-changing marketplace, we need to be on the constant lookout for things we can optimise and improve. Doing so has enabled MAHA to be marketable and competitive for many years. Every single employee gives their all to ensure that we meet the requirements made of us by customers, law-makers and other groups, efficiently and in full, now and in the future. This applies not only to our cutting edge development and production and scientific knowledge but also to our comprehensive customer service, consulting and training courses
– and quality management can help with all these factors.

No exclusions as defined by ISO 9001 are made in connection with our quality management.


Zertifikat ISO 9001 DE | EN | ES | FR
Environmental Management - ISO 14001

The responsible, sustainable planning and execution of our business activities is a central priority for MAHA and AutomoTec management. With this we want to make a contribution to maintaining a healthy environment as the basis for living for our customers, employees and residents. With the introduction of the environmental management system we have therefore created a tool which enables us to achieve our ideas of environmentally sound production in all areas of our activities.

In this capacity, the environmental management serves us as a guide for a continuous improvement process to reduce and prevent pollution and/or adverse environmental effects. The management system is maintained by doing regular target agreements, monitoring the achievement of these goals, and last, but not least by assessing the management system itself. For this we ensure the availibility of information and resources to achieve the set operative and strategic goals.

Moreover, it provides us with the confidence to recognize and comply with applicable legal requirements.
Our commitment and policies are transparent for all to see through the publication of our environmental policies in internet and at the reception area of our company headquarters.


Certificate ISO 14001 DE | EN | ES | FR
Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz - OHRIS

Unser größtes Potential sind unsere Mitarbeiter – daher legen wir besonderen Wert auf ein kollegiales und respektvolles Miteinander, um ein produktives und motivierendes Arbeitsumfeld zu schaffen. In einem solchen Umfeld kommt auch der Sicherheit größte Bedeutung zu, sodass es unser ausgesprochenes Ziel ist, Arbeitsunfälle durch die Minimierung von Risiken, die kontinuierliche Unterweisung der Mitarbeiter und die Bereitstellung der notwendigen PSA, wo immer möglich zu vermeiden. Nur so kann es uns gelingen, dass ein zufriedener und gesunder Mitarbeiter seinen Beitrag zur Erfüllung der Anforderungen und Ziele dauerhaft und mit hoher Motivation leisten kann. Gleichzeitig dient der Arbeitsschutz dem Erhalt unserer Infrastruktur – insbesondere der Brandschutz und die regelmäßigen Sicherheitsprüfungen (z.B. DGUV 3, UVV) stellen sicher, dass die Örtlichkeiten und Gerätschaften, die wir zur Realisierung unserer Prozesse benötigen, sicher und dauerhaft eingesetzt werden können. 

Diese Ausrichtung bezieht sich dabei nicht nur auf die Tätigkeiten vor Ort. Da unsere Mitarbeiter im Rahmen von Montage-, Reparatur- und Wartungsarbeiten auch bei unseren Kunden tätig werden, müssen auch hier die oben genannten Ziele beachtet und eingehalten werden. Verstärkt wird dieses Bestreben durch die Tatsache, dass wir hier nicht nur für die Sicherheit unserer Mitarbeiter verantwortlich zeichnen – die negativen Auswirkungen von Arbeitsunfällen können direkt den Kunden und seine Mitarbeiter und Prozesse in Mitleidenschaft ziehen, womit der Arbeitsschutz in diesen Fällen auch eine Qualitätskomponente aufweist.

Dies alles zeigt, dass ein effizienter und rechtskonformer Arbeitsschutz und die mit ihm verbundenen Ausgaben nicht im Spannungsverhältnis zu unseren betriebswirtschaftlichen Zielen stehen, sondern einen wichtigen Baustein zur Realisierung unserer Unternehmensziele bilden. Eine gleichwertige Beachtung des Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutzes erwarten wir von unserer Lieferanten, die für uns vor Ort oder beim Kunden tätig werden.


Zertifikat OHRIS DE | EN
Energy Management

The responsible, efficient use of our energy resources is both an ethical and a business task. First, we make our contribution to ensuring that future generations still have energy sources as part of the basis for living. Secondly, costs and fees associated with energy consumption can be reduced thus enabling more efficient production. We then have the chance to pass on this indirect additional revenue to our customers in the form of lower prices and to increase our profits and potential reserves. Both effects strengthen our market position and enable us to be a reliable partner for our customers, employees and suppliers. Our efforts encompass the support of the acquisition of energy efficient products and services which contribute to the improvement of the energy performance.
Our explicit objective is therefore to continuously improve our energy performance. We pursue this goal through regular target agreements, monitoring the achievement of these targets and last, but not least, a regular assessment of the management system. For this we ensure the availibility of information and resources to achieve the set operative and strategic goals.

Our commitment and policies are transparent for all to see through the publication of our environmental policies in internet and at the reception area of our company headquarters.

DIN member

Standards provide safety, health and environmental protection and give the German economy 1% of its net domestic product. For companies, the application of standards and the participation in standardisation is a major factor in promoting innovation, market entry, quality assurance and legal certainty.

On 5 June 2013, MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG joined DIN – the German Institute for Standardization. As a DIN member, MAHA undertakes the self-government responsibility of all economic operators involved in standardisation.

For a company that operates internationally, standards are a major criterion for estimating the partnership potential of a supplier or the like and guaranteeing customers compatibility and quality. Standards noticeably simplify worldwide trade and are a strategic competitive instrument. They make it much easier for products and services to enter the market and thus has a positive influence on company profits.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Major business and economic advantages
  • Promotion of worldwide trade
  • Rationalisation
  • Quality assurance
  • Protection of society
  • Safety
  • Communication
  • Positive influence on economic growth
  • Significant competitive edge in terms of knowledge and having a head start
  • Reduction of research risks and development costs
  • Reduction of transaction costs (e.g. in procurement, for calls for tender)

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